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Game Alert Head Gear Kits

HOGMAN-OUTDOORS Game Alert® Head Gear Kits

Meeting the Challenge

Dark of night brings on unique challenges to hitting the great outdoors. Traversing a trail, climbing into a stand, scanning for game or launching a boat, the Game Alert line of head gear will provide you the advantage when the sun goes down.

Taking Technology to the Field

Hunting or fishing, the Game Alert line of head gear was designed with needs of the night sportsmen in mind. Utilizing LED emitters virtually eliminates generated heat and decreases battery draw. Powered by lithium ion rechargeable batteries insures your head gear is always at the ready.

Incorporating comfort fit adjustable straps, with stay tight ratchet adjustments along with a light harness stabilizer provides unparalleled comfort when wearing/using the head gear.

What Light is Right?

The Game Alert Single Beam Head Gear kit is designed with the night hunter in mind. Complete with multiple (red, white, green) LED emitters, meets the demands of the hog, varmint or predator hunters lighting preference. The emitters are quickly and easily changed in the field, no special tools required.

Perfect for spotting game in the field, depending on emitter, distance range varies from 150-200+ yards.

Game Alert single beam head gear kit contains:

  • Head unit
  • (3) LED emitters (red, white, green)
  • (2) Rechargeable batteries
  • Dual terminal charger AC/DC

The Game Alert Dual Beam Head Gear kit was designed to meet the demand of versatility without the need to change emitters. Incorporating a center, long throw, green LED emitter, providing illumination for 125-200+ yard range.

A depression of the silicon power button de-energizes the green long throw emitter and illuminates the (2) outer wide beam white LED emitters for ideal task lighting, tracking game, making your way to your hunting spot, setting up camp, launching the boat or reeling ‘em in.

Choose Game Alert Head Gear to Light Up the Night.

Game Alert dual-beam head gear contains:

  • Dual beam head unit
  • (2) Rechargeable batteries
  • Dual terminal charge AC/DC

Increase Night Hunting Success

Pair your Game Alert Head Gear with our patented Game Alert Night Hunting Module and experience night hunting like never before.

Game Alert Night Hunting Module incorporates a unique stealth design that allows it to be easily attached to the underside of feeders, or be mounted on trees or posts along trails (with our trail mount accessory). Utilizing infrared technology, Game Alert Night Hunting Module detects movement 360 degrees from the chosen mounted area. Game movement triggers the illumination of a red LED notifier that alerts the hunter that game is in the area without alerting the prey or providing illumination of the monitored area. The red emitter means it’s GO TIME. Sweep the area with your Game Alert Head Gear, line up and take the shot. Increase your night hunting success by creating the ultimate stealth hunter kit combining the Game Alert Head Gear and the Game Alert Night Hunting Module.

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