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Game AlertNext Generation of Hog Hunting

HOGMAN-OUTDOORS Game Alert® Module

Use the cover of night to your advantage; hogs, predators and varmint are nocturnal for a reason – their natural instinct is to hunt and eat at night. Lighting up the area you are hunting and expecting positive results is counter to the very nature of the game you are hunting.

Take back the night with the GAME ALERT NIGHT HUNTING MODULE.

How it Works

Game Alert Night Hunting Module’s design incorporates an embedded magnet in the base of the module. Simply attach the module under a feeder or along a trail utilizing our tree/post mount accessory. Game Alert Night Hunting Module utilizes infrared technology to detect 360 degree movement within the monitored area.

Motion (combination of heat & movement) triggers the red LED emitter, alerting the hunter that game is in the area. The notifier LED is mounted in the module above a horizontal plane so there is NO illumination/spooking of game in the monitored area.

Utilizing our Game Alert Rifle or Bow mounted light, depress the tactical switch providing momentary illumination of game in the monitored area with a light pattern and spectrum that is not alerting to the game being hunted. Take your shot and slip back into stealth mode and await your next mark.

Game Alert Advantage

Unlike conventional feeder lights, Game Alert does not illuminate the monitored area, it simply notifies you that game is in the area.

This stealth method of night hunting eliminates the spooking and disruption of game’s normal travel/feeding patterns created when using other conventional night hunting methods.
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When the sun sets, it’s Go Time. Gear up with Game Alert and take back the night.

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