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Game Alert Bow Kit


Bow mount flashlight for precise night hunting.

Bow hunting equipment designed by bow hunters for bow hunters. Bow hunting presents unique challenges that require unique solutions. You cannot simply convert a rifle light to fit a bow and call it a bow-light and expect to enhance the success rate of todays bow hunter.

Game Alert Bow is engineered and designed specifically to be mounted on and effectively enhance the night hunter’s experience of today’s technology savvy bow hunter.

The right light at night

Shadowing is the enemy of today’s night hunter. Our 3-position tactical switch operated bow mount light distributes a light beam sensitive to the close proximity of bow hunters to the game they hunt.

Position 1 provides just the right amount of light in a beam pattern ideal for a close range 10-25 yard shot with out over-lighting or casting excessive shadows in the hunt area.

Position 2 extends the range 25-35 yards.

Position 3 extends the range 35 yards and beyond.

Game Adaptable

Our Game Alert Bow kit is packed and ready to go. Components are kept at the ready in a crush proof, waterproof, foam lined latching HOG™ case. Slide the latches, flip the top and at the ready you will find:

  • LED emitter hunting light
  • Red, White, Green interchangeable emitters
  • Stabilizer mount flashlight end cap with integrated tactical switch
  • Universal mount
  • Dual port battery charger
  • A/C power cord (home)
  • D/C power cord (auto)
  • (2) 18650 lithium batteries

Increase Night Hunting Success

Pair your Game Alert Bow with our patented Game Alert Night Hunting Module and experience night hunting like never before.

Game Alert Night Hunting Module incorporates a unique stealth design that allows it to be easily attached to the underside of feeders, or be mounted on trees or posts along trails (with our trail mount accessory). Utilizing infrared technology, Game Alert Night Hunting Module detects movement 360 degrees from the chosen mounted area. Game movement triggers the illumination of a red LED notifier that alerts the hunter that game is in the area without alerting the prey or providing illumination of the monitored area. The red emitter means it’s GO TIME. Sweep the area with your Game Alert Bow light, line up and take the shot. Increase your night hunting success by creating the ultimate stealth hunter kit combining the Game Alert Bow light and the Game Alert Night Hunting Module.

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