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Stealth Hunter Bow Kit

Stealth Hunter Bow Kit

The GAME ALERT® Stealth Hunter Bow kit includes a lightweight tactical flashlight designed specifically for bow hunting applications. When combined with the patented GAME ALERT® Night Hunting Module, the GAME ALERT® Bow light gives the hunter the nocturnal advantage in the pursuit of the chosen game.

Components are kept at the ready in a crush proof, waterproof, foam lined latching HOG™ case.


  • Bow mount light constructed of T6 aviation aluminum creating a lightweight water resistant housing.
  • Patented GAME ALERT® Night Hunting Module.CREE green, red, white LED emitters.
  • (2) 18650 Lithium batteries, 3.9V providing 3+ hours of continuous run time.
  • Standard on/off push button tail cap switch.
  • Stabilizer mount flashlight end cap with integrated tactical on/off switch.3 settings: low-20, med-40 & high-60+ yards.
  • Kit includes alternating current and direct current battery chargers capable of recharging both of the 18650 lithium batteries simultaneously.
  • Kit contains (2) 18650 lithium rechargeable batteries.
  • Kit includes universal mount used to mount light on rifle/crossbow scope. (on high setting with tight focused beam light will provide target illumination in excess of 100 yards).

Game Alert® Night Hunting Module

The GAME ALERT® Night Hunting Module is a motion-activated, stealth hunting notification device designed specifically for night hunting around feed areas, hog wallows, or trails. The module features a magnetic base for easy installation on the bottom of metal feeders. (optional mounting kits available).

The GAME ALERT® module utilizes a motion-activated, single-point, red LED that is triggered by the movement of any animal in the monitored area. Once activated, the indicator light stays on for a total of 10 seconds before turning off. If motion is still detected after 5 seconds of being deactivated, the LED will re-illuminate. The light intensity is so low, it does not illuminate the monitored area or change game behavior, yet it is highly visible to the hunter.

The two-position illuminated rocker switch energizes the GAME ALERT® Night Hunting Module, confirming battery power output and that internal circuitry is activated. Microcircuit technology senses game activity and energizes the red LED emitter/indicator, notifying the hunter that game is present.

The GAME ALERT® Stealth Hunter kit includes the GAME ALERT® Night Hunting Module combined with the GAME ALERT® Rifle Mount Kit. Once the GAME ALERT® Night Hunting Module has sensed animal movement and sends notification, the hunter can activate the green LED light on the rifle by pressing the tactical on/off switch, allowing him to quickly scan the area for nocturnal game and take aim.

The GAME ALERT® Night Hunting Module is a quick-mount module constructed of ABS u/v weather resistant polymer resin. The module is injection molded from a proprietary CNC machined injection tool, and ships complete with a 9-volt battery installed and ready to power, place and hunt.

The GAME ALERT® Night Hunting Module is fully self-contained and designed for years of trouble-free operation. Spherical in shape it is specifically designed with no edges, deterring coons, squirrels and other critters from damaging the housing while in the field. The battery compartment door includes a threaded brass insert and brass screw insuring years of trouble-free battery replacement. The battery cover houses a counter-sunk axially magnetized neodymium magnet for quick place-and-go mounting to your game feeder.

Get your Stealth Hunter kit and take back the night!

Hogman Tested/Hogman Approved

15.5 x 12 x 5 in.
110 oz.

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