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Author: HOGMAN

Meeting the challenges of NIGHT HUNTING Hogs,Predators,Varmints


Night hunting Hogs, predators, varmints

Night hunting predators and varmints can prove to be a challenging task. It’s easy to understand why considering we are day creatures and are entering the world of nocturnal animals that are built for and accustomed to roaming about in total darkness. They have an obvious advantage.

Our options for leveling the playing field are limited, ahh if only we could see at night then all would be fair. Truth is we can with todays thermal imaging technology we can sit in total darkness and see everything lurking about in the cover of night. Problem is..this technology is VERY expensive, not to mention the tiresome constant scanning the hunting area draining your limited battery life. 

Here is an idea, lets LIGHT UP the area we are hunting, wait!! These are nocturnal animals we are pursuing, one has to assume they are nocturnal for a reason, they prefer moving about at NIGHT in the cover of DARKNESS! You can try slow glow, moon beam, red, white ,green or purple. Fact remains you are altering what is the preferred environment DARKNESS of an animal that is accustomed to well…. DARKNESS!!

Keep in mind if a hog is hungry he will walk out on the 50 yard line of an NFL stadium on game day, in most instances on most ranches there is ample supply of food source to allow the BIG boys to remain nocturnal, and use the cover of night for protection.

Our field research has proven that when night hunting varmints and predators momentary lighting can be effective if we keep in mind several factors…lighting intensity, light color, wavelength and the negative impact of shadows, commit it to memory shadows are the enemy. See more on the effects of shadowing in Luke Claytons latest book Kill to Grill.

Lets review each of these factors:

Lighting intensity… think about this one for a second, you are hunting a nocturnal animal, accustomed to total darkness. You need enough light to effectively light your target for target identification and to place a good clean shot. DON”T set the woods on fire by getting into a big….. light contest, mine shines 500 yards mine shines 800 yards, mine 1000!! Get the light that is right for your hunting conditions/environment..

If your shots are in the 100-200 yard range and your light claims to light up @ 500 -1000 yards, you are burning the hair off the game in your target zone and throwing shadows for well….800 yards, anything lurking thinking about coming out just changed its mind.

Light color…. This one may make you scratch your head, believe it or not green isn’t always green. There is a wavelength of green light that is virtually undetectable by hogs and other nocturnal game. Problem is some companies grabbed this green thing and ran with it producing cheap ineffective green lights that will spook game like you hit em with a cattle prod. Get the right green and limit your scanning ( throws shadows) and you will experience a high degree of success.

Shadows…. simple formula reduce shadows improve night hunting success. Constant scanning with a handheld light casts a moving shadow with every bush, tree .feeder leg etc. that you pass. Animals accustomed to a dark environment tend to get a little skittish when the woods appear to be moving. Not saying you can’t scan an area just suggesting you limit “the scan” to reduce shadows=improve success.

SOOO…..what meets all the demands of night hunting challenges without breaking the bank? GAME ALERT® Patented Stealth Hunter Kit. Combining a Night Hunting Module that alerts you the hunter that game is in the area. simply mount the GAME ALERT® Night Hunting Module under your feeder or along a game trail or fence line no scanning required , sit back and await notification, a combination of motion and heat will trigger the red LED alerting you that game is in the area no light in the monitored area until you press the tactical switch on your GAME ALERT® Rifle Mounted Light throwing a tight focused beam of the “right” green light to light but not alarm your target. Take the shot, slip back into STEALTH mode and await your next shot!

Our patented Stealth Hunter Kit includes The GAME ALERT® Module, rifle or bow light, batteries , ac/dc chargers, assorted mounts…Universal Scope, Rail, and Barrel all packaged in our exclusive HOG GEAR O ring sealed crush proof water proof case. Get GAME ALERT® and ‘Take Back The Night” Learn more/see demo @ https://www.hogmanoutdoors.com/products/stealth-hunter-kit/

For additional information & demo's of Hog Hunting techniques and methods, check out our YouTube channel by clicking this link.

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