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Shadow Games Night Hunting Hogs
Wild hog at nightAuthor: HOGMAN
Posted: November 25, 2017

SHADOW GAMES---Understanding and meeting the challenges of night hunting wild hogs.

SHAD.OW / SHado — A dark area or shape produced by an object coming between rays of light and a surface.

Think about this very simple definition for a second… now lets apply it to hog hunting methods that use visible light to accomplish the harvest.

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GAME ALERT® Night Hunting Module vs. Hog Feeder Light
Game Alert Night Hunting ModuleAuthor: HOGMAN
Posted: November 11, 2017

Patented GAME ALERT® night hunting module provides "Advantage hunter" when night hunting, Checkout the blog comparing the GAME ALERT® night hunting module to common hog feeder lights.

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The Hunter Becomes The Hunted In The Off Season
The Hunter Becomes The Hunted In The Off Season Author: Charlene Irani
Posted: April 28, 2017

Humans have been hunting for survival since we lived in caves, but so have wild animals. These beasts still prey on smaller animals for their food, which is what makes Predator Hunting such a challenge. We’re going up against animals that are natural hunters, and turning the tables on them.  

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DIY Hog Hunting Bait | Tips and Tricks For Taking Feral Hogs
Hogman Outdoors DIY Hog Hunting BaitAuthor: Hogman Team
Posted: January 04, 2016

When it comes to hog hunting, one of the most effective tactics you can employ to bring the animals out in the open is by using hog bait. While hog bait can be bought straight off the shelf at your local outdoors store, at HOGMAN-OUTDOORS we’ve had great success in creating our own DIY hog hunting bait. Check out our tips for drawing out feral hogs below.

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Feral Hog Population Control Methods Across Texas
Texas Hogs - HOGMAN-OUTDOORSAuthor: Hogmanadmin
Posted: December 16, 2015

Texas currently has the largest feral hog population in the nation; the invasive species has been documented in 253 of Texas’ 254 counties, and the state has an estimated total population of approximately 2.6 million hogs that can cause millions of dollars in damage each year. As hog hunters, we know one of the most effective ways to get rid of hogs is good, old fashioned ground hunting. But what happens when the population appears in a residential area, or grows faster than we can pick them off? Several areas across Texas have been implementing some conventional – and unconventional – methods of population control for just this reason.

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