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Choosing the right mount for your Rifle Mount Flashlight

Author: HOGMAN


Choosing the right mount for your Rifle Mount Flashlight

So you've realized the odds of bagging that BIG boar increase significantly if you turn out the lights and go dark. Something about nocturnal game preferring to feed in the dark! You've researched the available night hunting methods and decided that while VERY effective night vision is also VERY expensive, you've tried feeder lights--- lighting up a feed area to hunt game that prefers feeding in the dark, wait...what???

Your decision is made you've selected the right Rifle Mount Flashlight to meet your night hunting needs, now its time to mount the light. The same care, consideration, research should be given to select the mounting method that best meets your needs. HOGMAN OUTDOORS the exclusive provider of GAME ALERT® products offers three effective mounting options, lets review each and discuss the pros and cons.


 Universal scope mounts are designed to be universally adaptable to many applications. The design principle of the GAME ALERT® Universal Scope Mount is that by creating a two part mount that is easily adjustable the mount will quickly allow field application with hassle free ease and high reliability.

GAME ALERT® Universal Scope Mount molded from a stress/corrosion resistant polymer consists of one part having a threaded stud molded into the body, the second half has a centric hole that aligns with the threaded stud, the two halves are placed around the flashlight body you then simply spin on the oversized thumb knurled nut that joins the the mount, prior to tightening you place the other end of the mount over the body of your scope slowly tightening the thumb knurl to tighten.

The primary drawback of the UNIVERSAL SCOPE MOUNT becomes obvious if hunting from a box blind. The mount positions the light above the scope, if the scope/light is not outside of the blind window you will experience light bounce back lighting up the inside of your blind and not the target. 

A second issue you may experience with the USM is when hunting distances in excess of 150 yards depending on your scope you may find that you have to "find" the light beam, this is due to the light on top of the scope being so far above the barrel/firing line.

For distances inside of 150 yards open field hunting or box blinds that allow scope to be outside the blind the scope mount will get the job done along with quick easy on easy off.


Just as the name implies the GAME ALERT® barrel mount moves the light down off of the scope and places it on the barrel. This is accomplished utilizing a unique engineered  two piece formed clamp that places one preformed section on the barrel and the other custom formed section on the body of the light each section is affixed to its respective part with four set screws that are set with the included allen wrench ( we suggest a couple wraps of electrical tape on the barrel to protect from any marring of the surface).  The two sections are then interlocked with a knurled/slotted screw , this unique joining method allows for quick uncoupling to pack the rifle/light or to use either independent of the other without being required to remove the set screws.

The primary advantage of the barrel mount is the total elimination of the light bounce back discussed above, also by placing the light beam close to and along the barrel line you wont experience the beam search at any distance including long distances. GAME ALERT® Barrel Mounts are constructed from machined aluminum  alloy that is stress/shock/corrosion resistant.


GAME ALERT® rail mounts provide the option of mounting your light on an AR platform with a rail system. Constructed of machined aluminum alloy the rail mount is a unibody single machined mounting base with a cap that is formed to fit over the body of the light the cap is fastened to the unibody base with four setscrews using the provided allen wrench.

For additional information & demo's of Hog Hunting techniques and methods, check out our YouTube channel by clicking this link.

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