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Hunting Varmints At Night
varmint hunting at nightAuthor: Hogmanadmin

We’ve seen a recent uptick in the number of orders for our Game Alert equipment come through from states where wild hogs aren’t quite so rampant.

So what gives? Varmints

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Could Sunday Hunting Become a Reality for These States?
Sunday Hunting Ban PA, NCAuthor: Hogmanadmin

Lawmakers in North Carolina and Pennsylvania are fighting for the state to allow Sunday hunting in an attempt to eradicate centuries-old laws which they say hinder economic growth and impede on basic homeowner rights.

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Where to Hunt Feral Hogs Year Round
Where to hog hunt year-roundAuthor: Hogman

Feral hogs are a destructive species which threaten the native wildlife and crop of the states they invade. Their omnivore diet and ability to adapt to environments give them an advantage over native species, and their high rate of reproduction puts residents and landowners at a disadvantage. The current estimated feral hog population in the United States is in the millions.

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The Signs of a Feral Hog
Rooting Damage by a Feral HogAuthor: Hogmanadmin

Feral hogs have become an increasing problem in the United States in recent years, with population growth outpacing containment efforts. Texas, which has the largest feral hog population in the U.S., is home to nearly 2.6 million feral hogs, and the annual population growth is estimated at 21%. Other states such as Louisiana and South Carolina have also seen an uptick in feral hog population growth in recent years, prompting the creation of entities such as the South Carolina Wild Hog Task Force.

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