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Shadow Games Night Hunting Hogs
Shadow Games Night Hunting HogsAuthor: HOGMAN
Posted: November 25, 2017

SHADOW GAMES---Understanding and meeting the challenges of night hunting wild hogs.

SHAD.OW / SHado — A dark area or shape produced by an object coming between rays of light and a surface.

Think about this very simple definition for a second…. now lets apply it to hog hunting methods that use visible light to accomplish the harvest.

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GAME ALERT® Night Hunting Module vs. hog feeder light
GAME ALERT® Night Hunting Module vs. hog feeder lightAuthor: HOGMAN
Posted: November 11, 2017


 Patented GAME ALERT® night hunting module provides 

"advantage hunter" when night hunting, Checkout the blog comparing the GAME ALERT® night hunting  module to common hog feeder lights. 

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Hunting Varmints at Night
varmint hunting at nightAuthor: Hogmanadmin
Posted: June 08, 2016

We’ve seen a recent uptick in the number of orders for our Game Alert equipment come through from states where wild hogs aren’t quite so rampant.

So what gives? Varmints

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Wild Hogs Wreak Havoc on Deer Hunting
wild hogs killing deerAuthor: Hogmanadmin
Posted: May 23, 2016

Recently the folks at LousianaBowhunter.com posted a picture on their Facebook page of a wild hog carrying a fawn in its mouth.

The caption was pretty great. “Wondering what you can do during the off-season? Well, I’ll just leave this here for ya to think about.”

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