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Feral Hog Facts
Feral Hog FactsAuthor: Hogman

Quick Facts on Feral Hogs


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When "Old School" is what you need
When "Old School" is what you needAuthor: Luke Clayton

Classic Old School RuckSack meets the need! With todays rapid advancements in technology we often abandon the tried and true methods of years gone by in search of the "better mouse trap". Taking a step back and a good luck we often discover the old timers had it right! We've taken a step back and designed the ultimate gear bag for todays hunter.

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Shadow Games Night Hunting Hogs
Wild hog at nightAuthor: HOGMAN

SHADOW GAMES---Understanding and meeting the challenges of night hunting wild hogs.

SHAD.OW / SHado — A dark area or shape produced by an object coming between rays of light and a surface.

Think about this very simple definition for a second… now lets apply it to hog hunting methods that use visible light to accomplish the harvest.

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Green Hunting Lights - Understanding The Need/Application of Night Hunting Lights
Visible light wavesAuthor: Hog Man
Night hunting light basics, understanding the application of night hunting technology to improve night hunting success rate.
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