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Night hunting with the PATENTED GAME ALERT® Stealth Hunter Kit

Author: Hogman

 Night hunting presents unique challenges. We discuss the challenges as well as the opportunities available with new technology.       

Night hunting with the PATENTED GAME ALERT® Stealth Hunter Kit

As discussed in previous Hogman Outdoors blogs, night hunting presents a unique set of challenges. Nocturnal animals are nocturnal for a very simple reason - they prefer, and in often cases are uniquely adept at, hunting, roaming and prowling at night.

In the case of cats and coyotes, their eyes have an increased number of rods, as opposed to cones.  Rods increase the ability to intake minimal ambient light and see as they do in full daylight; these animals in effect have their own unique "night vision", allowing them to be very effective at night hunting. It is often times population expansion/presence of human activity that drives these animals to nocturnal behavior. 

Hogs, on the other hand, are nocturnal for an entirely different reason, they prefer to avoid the heat and UV rays of the sun. While active during the day in the winter months, they will slowly become nocturnal as the temperatures rise; laying up during daylight hours and becoming active at dark.

Armed with these facts it is easy to see, that in order to be successful at night hunting, the hunter must find a way to effectively become nocturnal. This cannot be done by altering the environment, we must ADAPT to the night hunting environment. 

Night hunting options are limited.

Topping the list is thermal imaging - in effect, providing the hunter the same "night vision" advantage possessed by the game being hunted. Advancements in technology have reduced the cost over the past couple years it still carries a $3000-5000 price tag.

The significantly less expensive option on the market is the old feeder light technology. The drawback to using this option is that you are altering the night hunting environment, as opposed to adapting to it.  Even with recent efforts to improve this old technology with new ideas, (such as slow glow lights, color options, reduced intensity etc.), it can not be denied that this method alters/illuminates the night hunting environment; disrupting the natural travel patterns of not only the nocturnal game you are hunting, but also negatively impacting  travel patterns of other desired game that may be hunted the next day....DEER!

The New Generation in Night Hunting Technology is the patented GAME ALERT® STEALTH Hunter Kit. GAME ALERT® technology does NOT alter the night hunting environment, it allows you to adapt.

Simply mount the patented GAME ALERT® night hunting module under a game feeder, on a tree or a fence post, along a well traveled trail, or baited area.

Total darkness is maintained thus resulting in the game continuing their normal preferred travel/feeding routine. NO light, NO shadows, NO altering the travel pattern of the game being hunted, and NO disruption or altering the travel pattern of deer or other desired game you may be hunting the following day.

Pairing the GAME ALERT® night hunting module with thermal imaging eliminates the constant scanning/ battery burn checking for game. Simply mount the module in the desired monitoring area, energize, then sit back and await notification from the red LED indicator that game is in the area.

No night vision? No problem.  The GAME ALERT® STEALTH Hunter Kit comes complete with the GAME ALERT® night hunting module; green LED rifle mount night hunting light (red/white LEDS also available); three (3) rifle mounting options that will meet every hunters need - Universal Scope Mount, Rail Mount, and Barrel Mount;  tactical coil wire pressure switch;  standard click on / click off light tail cap; ac/dc charger; and 2 NiCad batteries.  ALL packaged, protected, and kept at the ready in the exclusive HOG GEAR® protective case.

Set up your GAME ALERT® with the desired mount; place the GAME ALERT® Night Hunting Module in the area to be monitored; aim the red indicator LED in the desired direction; then sit back in TOTAL DARKNESS and wait for the red LED to alert that game is in the monitored area.  Lower your rifle, apply pressure to the tactical switch, light em up momentarily with the GAME ALERT® no spook LED technology, and TAKE THE SHOT! Slip back into STEALTH mode and await the next shot!!


For additional information & demo's of Hog Hunting techniques and methods, check out our YouTube channel by clicking this link.

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