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Hunting Varmints At Night

Author: Hogmanadmin

We’ve seen a recent uptick in the number of orders for our Game Alert equipment come through from states where wild hogs aren’t quite so rampant.

So what gives? Varmints

varmint hunting at night

Varmint hunting is practiced in almost every area of the United States. It is the practice of hunting vermin (typically small mammals) targeted as a means of pest control. For some, varmint hunting is year round. For others, it’s used to kill time during the off-season and a chance to hone your skills by going after different prey.

Whatever your reason, many landowners are more than happy to allow hunters the opportunity to help keep any vermin from messing with their livestock or their farmland. Varmints can run amok with overpopulation which is where headaches begin.

They can go after livestock and other farm animals. (Foxes. Henhouses. You get the idea.)

They can spoil crops with tunneling (damn prairie dogs!) or by eating up your best cabbage.

In much the same way that wild hogs are ruining land for farmers, varmints of all species are costing our government, neighbors, and landowners a pretty penny.

Which basically means every pelt we collect, every varmint we kill, every critter we put down, all help keep the land in check.

Good sport. Good eats. Good for populations control. There’s a whole lotta good going on in varmint hunting.

There are a variety of varmints out there depending on where you live and hunt. From dangerous predators to elusive prey, you’ll have a chance to hone your hunting skills while easing the burden vermin wreak on land, livestock, and crops.

As we know, hunting at night with the right equipment is what smart hunters do. Using the same skills and techniques for lighting up areas using green or red LED emitters helps ensure you’re able to find your target and get a clean kill.

Vermin you can hunt at night using our Game Alert® Flashlight Kit:

  • Rabbits – Great for stew. No really, if you’ve never had rabbit meat then you don’t know what you’re missing.
  • Raccoons – These pesky fellas raid grain bins, trash bins, and are likely overpopulated in your area. You can sell the fur and eat the meat. Win!
  • Bobcats – Considered a nuisance for many landowners, bobcats can go after livestock and other farm animals.
  • Coyotes – Bad for deer populations. Get these suckers off your land so you can get the deer for yourself.
  • More – Any pesky small mammal that is nocturnal is good hunting.

It should go without saying that you need to understand the laws specific to your area in regards to hunting at night. Do you need a license or permit? What species are allowed to be hunted and in what seasons? Do your homework and be safe.


The HOGMAN-OUTDOORS Game Alert® Hog Hunting Light is the new generation in hog hunting technology. The low-intensity, motion-activated, red LED light is magnetically attached under a hog feeder, and provides momentary (10-second) illumination only when movement is detected within a 200-yard perimeter. The discreet light allows for hunters to remain virtually undetected by prey, keeping them hidden until the moment strikes.

For additional information & demo's of Hog Hunting techniques and methods, check out our YouTube channel by clicking this link.

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