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The Hog Wars Battle is Raging in Louisiana

Author: Hogmanadmin

The feral hog population is escalating in the Acadiana area of Louisiana, and, according to one resident, it’s time to put a stop to their escalating numbers — using any means necessary.

A Louisiana hunter identified only as “Duckaholic” wrote to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries stating that the feral hog population in Louisiana will soon be “out of control” if hunting restrictions aren’t lowered.

Map of Louisiana

“There should be no valid reason to stop the hunting public from attempting to harvest these nuisance hogs at night any time of the year,” he writes.

Do you agree with Duckaholic? Read the entire discussion at Louisiana Sportsman and weigh in on the comments below, or on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, and remember to take your Hogman Game Alert® Night Hunting Module and LED Field Floodlights with you if you decide to hog hunting.

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