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GAME ALERT® Night Hunting Module vs. Hog Feeder Light

Author: HOGMAN

Patented GAME ALERT® night hunting module provides "Advantage hunter" when night hunting, Checkout the blog comparing the GAME ALERT® night hunting module to common hog feeder lights.

Game Alert Night Hunting Module

Stealth Hunter Kit Next Generation Technology vs. Hog Feeder Lights 

Hogs are nocturnal in their feeding pattern for a very simple, understandable reason - they prefer to eat when it is dark. Shrouded in darkness, hogs move about with less awareness and sense of alarm due to the fact that they are feeding in an environment (darkness) in which they are comfortable. 

As with all wildlife, there are exceptions to every rule, just like deer hunters will tell stories of the big buck walking through camp with the fire going, music playing and everyone talking at - let’s say… an adult beverage-induced, increased volume. You will, on occasion, run across a sounder of hogs moving in the daylight hours, a hungry hog will walk out on the 50-yard line during an NFL football game to grab a bite to eat if he’s hungry enough. 

Throwing out the occasional exception, in order to increase your hog hunting success rate you need to hunt when they are moving, in the dark of night. This being understood by most has resulted in several products being offered to hog hunters to improve that night hunting success rate. Night vision optics, green, red, rifle mounted flashlights, hog feeder lights, the patented stealth hunter GAME ALERT® Module. Each of these products comes with it’s own unique advantages and can also prevent unique challenges when trying to pierce the dark of night in your search for that big elusive boar. Our job is to locate the product that provides maximum advantage with minimal challenges/ normal travel pattern disruptions being introduced to the hunt. 

Hog feeder lights have been around for a while, with several manufacturers providing new takes to this old technology. The basic operational principle of the feeder light (light the area you are feeding) is counter to the very reason hogs prefer feeding at night, IT’S DARK, or at least is/was dark until you LIT up the area….. In an effort to combat this glaring design deficiency, manufacturers now produce lights that only light up when the hog approaches??? Or slowly lights up so it doesn’t spook the game. There is even a product on the market that mimics moonbeam lighting. All clever ideas but all created to mask the fact that hogs prefer to feed in the DARK – knowing that, why would you choose to invest money in a product that’s very operational principle is counter to that fact. Consideration should also be given to the negative impact that illuminating a feed are will have on other game travel patterns. Often times the same feeder hunted @ night for hogs will be hunted later for deer or other game, lighting the area throughout the night will negatively impact ALL game in the feed area. 

GAME ALERT’s® patented Stealth Hunter Kit was designed and developed with the hog’s natural instincts and habits in mind, as well as the impact on other game,exercising caution in the development of the product to not alter their natural feeding pattern. GAME ALERT® stealth hunting module provides NO illumination to the hunting area, it utilizes passive infrared sensor to detect the combination of motion and heat that alerts YOU when game is in the area, then utilizing your night vision or rifle mounted light scan to scan the area. Locate the target and take the shot, instantly returning to stealth mode (total darkness) to await & take your next shot. 

With GAME ALERT® there is no disruption of the night, no constant shining of light, no slowly bringing a light up to illuminate the hunting area – just a single-point red LED aimed at the hunter letting him, or her know it’s “GO TIME”. Take back the night with GAME ALERT®.

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