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The Signs of a Feral Hog
Rooting Damage by a Feral HogAuthor: Hogmanadmin

Feral hogs have become an increasing problem in the United States in recent years, with population growth outpacing containment efforts. Texas, which has the largest feral hog population in the U.S., is home to nearly 2.6 million feral hogs, and the annual population growth is estimated at 21%. Other states such as Louisiana and South Carolina have also seen an uptick in feral hog population growth in recent years, prompting the creation of entities such as the South Carolina Wild Hog Task Force.

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It’s Open Season In South Carolina For Hog Hunting
Hog hunting seasonAuthor: Hogman Team

Hog hunting season is in full-swing in South Carolina. The state’s hunting laws, which allow hog hunting year around, coupled with night hog hunting season, which runs through July 1, allows hunting 24 hours a day.

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The Maternal Wild Hog
Sow Piglets Maternal BehaviorAuthor: Hogmanadmin

At the heart of the extraordinary growth of the feral hog population is the sow, a female feral hog that has reproduced. The sow’s rapid breeding rate and innate protective behavior is a large contributing factor to the feral hog population.

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The Hog Wars Battle is Raging in Louisiana
Map of LouisianaAuthor: Hogmanadmin

The feral hog population is escalating in the Acadiana area of Louisiana, and, according to one resident, it’s time to put a stop to their escalating numbers — using any means necessary.

A Louisiana hunter identified only as “Duckaholic” wrote to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries stating that the feral hog population in Louisiana will soon be “out of control” if hunting restrictions aren’t lowered.

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The Impact Of Feral Hogs On Deer
Impact of feral hogs on deer populationAuthor: Hogman Team

The rapidly increasing population of feral hogs in Texas presents a number of problems for land and livestock owners, as well as for the environment itself. In addition to the damage rooting hogs cause to the land, their presence poses a threat to the natural wildlife of the state, particularly the white-tailed deer population.

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